We are excited to present the new English programme by ICR Academy, designed for Primary School students to achieve academic success.

    • Effective curriculum developed by former MOE teachers
      Our curriculum utilises knowledge of the school exam system to ensure that your child masters the required skills and techniques to obtain the level of English proficiency needed to excel.
    • Student-centred approach coupled with a structured and skills-based curriculum
      Our methodology provides your child with a strong foundation in listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar, to help them gain confidence, stretch their learning abilities and nurture their love for learning.
    • Continuous updates to the curriculum that is refined to reflect changes in the MOE syllabus and analysis of key exam question trends
      We ensure that our curriculum is held to the highest of standards.
    • Frequent updates on current affairs and trending topics
      Topical content allows your child to hone their critical thinking and oral presentation skills while fostering their curiosity and encouraging them to ask questions.
    • Learn ahead with the 5 C's: Core, Composition, Comprehension, Critical and Checkpoint
      Your child will learn to apply skills, strategies and techniques learned to analyse questions in detail, seek clarifications when in doubt, produce responses appropriately and accurately and identify areas that require improvement.
    • Continuous assessments and mock exams for maximum preparation for school exams
      Our Checkpoint helps your child build test-taking confidence and gain a head start.

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